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Poets & Writers: Whitman, Alabama Maya C. Popa

Filmmaker Jennifer Crandall first visited Alabama in 2013 on a short-term assignment for Alabama Media Group, a digital media company that produces television and video programming and publishes three of the ...
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Hyperallergic: A Collaborative Reading of Whitman’s “Song of Myself” All Across Alabama Christian N. Kerr

 Whitman, Alabama presents a pointillistic portrait of the American identity through videos of Alabama residents reading the epic poem.
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Library of America: Documentary project locates Walt Whitman's "multitudes" in today's Deep South

"Of every hue and caste am I, of every rank and religion," Walt Whitman announces in "Song of Myself," his best-known poem. In a new documentary video project, that assertion comes ...
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New Yorker: Reciting Walt Whitman at a Drug Court in Alabama Jia Tolentino

Early in the fourth episode of the filmmaker Jennifer Crandall’s new documentary project, “Whitman, Alabama,” there’s a sequence that is deeply, wonderfully jarring, like a hallucination—watching it, I felt as though ...
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Huck Magazine: The journalist smashing your stereotypes of the American South Marta Bausells

In an age where everyone in journalism is trying to figure out what the future might hold in times of mass upheaval, Jennifer Crandall might just have some answers. Her latest ...
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NPR's "Here & Now": Filmmaker Uses Whitman Poetry To Explore American Identity Eric Westervelt

Filmmaker Jennifer Crandall spent the last two years traveling around Alabama, asking unsuspecting strangers to read from Walt Whitman's 1855 poem "Song of Myself." Each of the poem's 52 stanzas is read ...
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Poetry Foundation: Making the Words Ours Kathleen Rooney

For nearly three years now, journalist and filmmaker Jennifer Crandall has traveled around Alabama like a latter-day Walker Evans or Dorothea Lange, asking strangers to let her record them.
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In an age of division, Alabamians star in new documentary series uniting us all MIchelle Holmes

We bring you the start of a new American documentary series with a big goal: bridging the gap between people.
We bring you the start of a new American documentary series with a big goal: bridging the gap between people. We publish it here as an inspiring reminder of the essentially ...
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Neiman Reports: “Journalism and Art: Complementary and Collaborative Storytelling” Michael Blanding

As journalists use art to bring stories off the page, artists adopt reporting techniques to address social issues
For the Alabama Media Group, Jennifer Crandall crossed boundaries, literally and figuratively, as she traversed the state, recruiting Alabamians for a video project about their state and Walt Whitman. Participants read one ...
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NiemanLab: “Alabama Media Group’s first artist-in-residence goes beyond text to explore the culture of the South” Laura Hazard Owen

The Alabama Media Group’s first artist-in-residence, Jennifer Crandall, wants to portray the state’s residents in a new way through a 52-video series.
Walt Whitman wrote those lines in his poem “Song of Myself” in 1855. One hundred and sixty years later, they’re coming to life again in the voices of the Alabama residents featured in ...
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